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Dry cell 13 Plates (made with 316L steel)

(1) 13 Plates of 316L Stainless Steel Plates
(2) Silicone Gaskets
(3) Demensions: 14.2*14.2*11 cm
(4) High temperature Cast Acrylic end Plates
(5) 2 OGO-MF2042 pre-installed.
(6) Our Dry Cell is expandable.
(7) Production: 1LPM to 3LPM.
(8) Working at 12v to 36v, 10amp to 80amp.
(9) Net Weight: 1.85kg.  G.Weight: 2.5kg
(10) Package: 20x20x15cm

PWM 30A with easy connector

* Power supply 12/24 VDC via.
* Jumper Load voltage 12/24 VDC
* 30A max Output:
* PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) for controlling DC loads.
* Output frequency : 100Hz.
* Adjust DC output range from 0% to 100%
* Instructions included
* Case size:  4.5"L x 3.2" W x 2"H
* The fan is for 12V systems only

* Ready to connect.
* Plug in and Play.


* This Map Sensor Enhancer  has separate “Hwy” & “City” adjustments along with an “On” & “Off” (Original Factory Setting) switch.
* This device was designed to work with an HHO generator (Hydrogen Fuel Cell).
* Even if you have good mechanical skills, you should have the repair manual for your vehicle to help find the Map sensor and locate the wire that goes from the Map sensor to the computer.

* Improper installation of this Map Sensor Enhancer may cause problems with your vehicle’s electrical system.
Consult with a qualified mechanic before installing this device.

Water Tank

*  Three 3/8"" NPT x 1/4"" Tube ID
*  Tight fitting screw cap-non vented - Not the cheap snap-on lid type that leaks HHO gas and sucks atmosphere air
*  1.5 Quart Tank measures 4.33" x 5.52" x 3.75"
*  Tank Comes with (3) 1/4"" Barbed fittings.
*  Tight-fitting, non-vented filler cap & heavy duty molded side mounting ears
* Connects to HHO dry cell fittings
* Tank is guaranteed not to leak
* Allows the water to circulate in the generator through the tank, makes for a cooling running system and lower amp draw
* 1/4" return and inlet fittings are placed at bottom of tank for less moisture problems on the HHO gas outlet hose
* Thick-walled container, heat resistant, Heavy Duty thickness

Anti-Flash back valve (One Pcs)

* 1/4" Directional Check Valves for HHO projects
* 1/4" x 1/4" Barbed Check Valve
* Neoprene Diaphragm, High Grade Plastic Body
* Helps reduce the chance of a flash back when installed properly * Keeps your gas moving in one direction

Rubber Hose 1/4" (4 Feet long)

* 1/4"
* Max 200 PSI
* Maximum Temperature (°F): 190.000
* Minimum Temperature (°F): -20.000


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HHO Set With Dry Cell 13 plates

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