HHO Dry Cell 13 plates
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HHO GW Dry Cell 13 Plates (Made with 316L Steel)

What new? Why buy?

New Designed stainless steel plates.

New arrangement of working plates.

New created gaskets made of best grade silicone material, working life is longer.

More stable working.

Less AMP consuming.

Less heat producing.

Better HHO gas production and much smoother.

Less reversed pulse to PWM or battery/alternator,

Less issues of PWM/controller/battery/alternator


(1) 13 Plates of 316L Stainless Steel Plates
(2) Silicone Gaskets
(3) Demensions: 14.2*14.2*11 cm
(4) High temperature Cast Acrylic end Plates
(5) 2 OGO-MF2042 pre-installed.
(6) Our Dry Cell is expandable.
(7) Production: 1LPM to 3LPM.
(8) Working at 12v to 36v, 10amp to 80amp.
(9) Net Weight: 1.85kg.  G.Weight: 2.5kg
(10) Package: 20x20x15cm


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HHO GW Dry Cell 13 Plates

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